November 1945: Brief Encounter

This seems awfully familiar… Oh, I watched this in 2014!

Oh, well. Let’s watch it again; I seem to remember it being rather good.

This 2K version has been beautifully restored — the last time I saw this was on .7K. So many more pixels!

This is adapted from the Noel Coward play, and I thought that he mostly did droll comedies? This isn’t a comedy at all in any way.

The actors are absolutely brilliant. Mixing theatre projection with understated, subtle little details.

Grade A schmaltz.

Brief Encounter. David Lean. 1945.

Popular movies in November 1945 according to IMDB:

273668.1Brief Encounter
262158.0The Lost Weekend
61747.7‘I Know Where I’m Going!’
26777.6Road to Utopia
32867.2Fallen Angel
12357.1My Name Is Julia Ross
11047.0The Seventh Veil
3106.9Allotment Wives
4776.8Danger Signal

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