March 1946: Strange Impersonation

Well, this is a strange little movie. Barely an hour long and filmed on cheap (but nice (with the least convincing lab set ever in the history of ever)) sound stages, but it seems to have some ambition.

It’s a B movie film noir/mystery thing, and is kinda unusual in that all the characters that do something are all women, leaving the menfolk mostly just to react (and not understand what’s going on).

It’s pretty good. Director Anthony Mann would go on to greater fame later…

Strange Impersonation. Anthony Mann. 1946.

Popular movies in March 1946 according to IMDB:

Poster Votes Rating Movie
1721 7.8 To Each His Own
675 7.1 The Captive Heart
304 7.0 Two Years Before the Mast
292 6.8 Sentimental Journey
780 6.8 The Kid from Brooklyn
380 6.8 Night Editor
316 6.6 From This Day Forward
442 6.5 Strange Impersonation
478 6.3 House of Horrors
247 5.3 Swing Parade of 1946

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