October 1945: And Then There Were None

Oh, this is the Agatha Christie thing! I’ve seen a bunch of versions and read the book etc, but I don’t think I’ve seen this version before. And I’ve forgotten who the murderer is. How delightful.

At first I thought that they had embellished the novel greatly (as they usually did back in the days; all the script writers seemed to think they were more clever than Christie (spoiler: they weren’t)), but I think that’s wrong? This movie seems the most genuinely Christie-like movie of the early ones I’ve seen, although René Clair has added some comedy bits. I think.

This bluray restoration is… OK? I mean, they’ve preserved every last bit of grain from the film? Perhaps overdoing it? But there’s an annoying flickering effect: It’s like there’s a very very regular dimming thing going on: It’s like it cycles between dark and light four times per second. It’s not horrible, but it’s something that should have been fixed.

This is a very enjoyable watch. So many genteel murders.

And Then There Were None. René Clair. 1945.

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