December 1944: Together Again

Oh, this is from the Icons of Screwball Comedy DVD “box”, which I can’t seem to find at the moment… I’m substituting the other box for the dice throw picture.


This is a supremely amiable movie. The actors are charming; the storyline is cute; the lines are witty.

It’s entertaining and amusing, but you know how this is going to end up: The mayor is going to resign her job, meaning that the village is going to be left in the unsuitable hands of that newspaper asshole.

So it’s kinda not very satisfying, although it’s a funny little movie.

Together Again. Charles Vidor. 1944.

Hey! I’m at the half-way point in this 40s blog series? Look at the stack of DVDs:

I think I must be. 1940-1945… That’s like… five years…

Popular movies in December 1944 according to IMDB:

91907.6Murder, My Sweet
18117.5The Keys of the Kingdom
10067.5The Suspect
2767.4The Fighting Lady
15337.3I’ll Be Seeing You
51747.3National Velvet
13887.3Hollywood Canteen
2087.2Sunday Dinner for a Soldier
4176.9Together Again
3786.7Music for Millions

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