February 1943: Air Force

It’s a war movie!

I’ve seen some spy stuff during this blog series, but very few out-and-out war movies. And it’s by Howard Hawks, so it looks like the shots are gorgeous…

Except that the transfer I have i ridiculous. There’s digital artefacts all over the place. Not just banding and exaggerated grains, but also a harsh mp3 audio track.

It basically looks like they mastered it off of a VCD disc downloaded from a 1998 torrent site.

Very not pleasant.

Anyway, this won the Oscar for Best Film Editing, which is, I guess, a way for people to say “this movie wasn’t very good, but we appreciate the effort”.

Because this is an odd movie. We follow a crew flying around the Pacific for hours. So lots of tight shots inside a plane, and then composited above documentary footage of locations.

Ah… it had a difficult production. I guess that explains the weirdnesses.

But I don’t know whether my general dissatisfaction with this movie is due to the bad DVD or whether the movie is just kind of boring. It’s 95% character development.

Air Force. Howard Hawks. 1943.

Popular movies in February 1943 according to IMDB:

23407.1Air Force
4917.1Kid Dynamite
2466.7Reveille with Beverly
2656.1The Youngest Profession
30905.5The Outlaw
9494.6Dead Men Walk

This blog post is part of the Decade series.

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