February 1943: Air Force

It’s a war movie!

I’ve seen some spy stuff during this blog series, but very few out-and-out war movies. And it’s by Howard Hawks, so it looks like the shots are gorgeous…

Except that the transfer I have i ridiculous. There’s digital artefacts all over the place. Not just banding and exaggerated grains, but also a harsh mp3 audio track.

It basically looks like they mastered it off of a VCD disc downloaded from a 1998 torrent site.

Very not pleasant.

Anyway, this won the Oscar for Best Film Editing, which is, I guess, a way for people to say “this movie wasn’t very good, but we appreciate the effort”.

Because this is an odd movie. We follow a crew flying around the Pacific for hours. So lots of tight shots inside a plane, and then composited above documentary footage of locations.

Ah… it had a difficult production. I guess that explains the weirdnesses.

But I don’t know whether my general dissatisfaction with this movie is due to the bad DVD or whether the movie is just kind of boring. It’s 95% character development.

Air Force. Howard Hawks. 1943.

Popular movies in February 1943 according to IMDB:

Poster Votes Rating Movie
2340 7.1 Air Force
491 7.1 Kid Dynamite
241 6.9 Claudia
246 6.7 Reveille with Beverly
265 6.1 The Youngest Profession
3090 5.5 The Outlaw
949 4.6 Dead Men Walk

This blog post is part of the Decade series.

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