January 1943: The Hard Way

Opening with an attempted suicide, that’s not what you expect when imdb says that this is a romantiv musical. The scenes of industrial grime in a factory town are stunning.

imdb is on acid, of course. This is a movie about struggling out of property and the hard-nosed grift needed. Ida Lupino is brilliant as the schemer and Joan Leslie is perfect as the ingenue.

But… the last half, when we get The Moral, just isn’t very exciting. “Oh, yeah, being relentlessly ruthless might perhaps not be healthy. Got it.”

Basically: The first half hour is great, and then it’s off into very clichéd territory. I love melodrama, but this goes all kitch.

The Hard Way. Vincent Sherman. 1943.

Popular movies in January 1943 according to IMDB:

471548.0Shadow of a Doubt
2917.6The Adventures of Smilin’ Jack
4317.3Forever and a Day
8107.2The Hard Way
5547.0No Time for Love
17407.0Tarzan Triumphs
6276.7Immortal Sergeant
3796.6The Crystal Ball
6726.4Hitler’s Children

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