December 1942: A Night To Remember

Oh, this is just perfect. It’s a screwball comedy about a couple moving into a haunted tenement house… OR IS IT!??!

Things move at a brisk pace, and if all the individual gags aren’t exactly genius, it all just kind of works.

“Jeff! Don’t be a fool!”

“Don’t be silly. I’ve always been a fool.”


It turns into a marvellously convoluted mystery and it’s hugely amusing. Loretta Young and Brian Aherne turn in wonderfully over-the-top performances.

It’s an almost perfect little thing.

A Night To Remember. Richard Wallace. 1942.

Popular movies in December 1942 according to IMDB:

Poster Votes Rating Movie
5434 8.0 Random Harvest
2442 7.6 Went the Day Well?
215 7.5 4 passi fra le nuvole
13966 7.4 Cat People
543 7.2 Journey for Margaret
445 6.9 Thunder Rock
3091 6.9 The Black Swan
386 6.8 Whistling in Dixie
376 6.8 Tennessee Johnson
1617 6.8 Keeper of the Flame

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