December 1941: Sullivan’s Travels

Sullivan’s Travels. Preston Sturges. 1941.

After a string of low-budget movies today, here’s an A feature. By Preston Sturges! This is his third movie in this blog series! I didn’t plan this! It starts off with people fighting on the top of a speeding train! That’s the best way to start a film!

It’s a movie about making movies, and they condescendingly refer to Hopalong Cassidy movies (which was, like, the previous entry in this blog series).

This is absolutely hilarious. I was literally rolling around on the floor laughing.

(By literally I mean figuratively, of course.)

It’s brilliant. The mix of cynicism and sentimentality is perfect. It’s definitely not a Frank Capra film. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

Wonderful performances and razor-sharp dialogue.

Popular movies in December 1941 according to IMDB:

Poster Votes Rating Movie
sc-tt0034240.jpg 18951 8.1 Sullivan’s Travels
sc-tt0033373.jpg 8371 7.8 Ball of Fire
sc-tt0033704.jpg 1982 7.5 Hellzapoppin’
sc-tt0034398.jpg 17341 7.4 The Wolf Man
sc-tt0034092.jpg 364 7.2 Remember the Day
sc-tt0033727.jpg 872 7.1 Mr. Bug Goes to Town
sc-tt0033774.jpg 1850 7.1 Johnny Eager
sc-tt0034266.jpg 2307 7.0 Tarzan’s Secret Treasure
sc-tt0033686.jpg 788 7.0 H.M. Pulham, Esq.
sc-tt0033382.jpg 393 6.9 Bedtime Story

This blog post is part of the Decade series.

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