November 1941: Secret of the Wastelands

Secret of the Wastelands. Derwin Abrahams. 1941.

Oh! This is a Hopalong Cassidy movie! I don’t recall having seen any of these before, but Hopalong himself looks very familiar. According to imdb, William Boyd basically did no other roles after the mid-30s, so I guess I must have seen one of these before?

Looks like he did about 70 of these over a ten-year period (before making the jump to TV), and I’m guessing that this is a pretty undistinguished example of the form.

It definitely has its charms, and I can understand the attraction for children of this era. It’s like a TV series? Only in movie theatres? It looks cheaply made and the plot isn’t very complicated, but it’s kinda fun? Mysteries, hidden tunnels, a slightly awkward love interest thing going on (with the youthful ever-horny sidekick), and a grizzled old coot as the comedic diversion.

It’s very formulaic, but there’s a reason the formula exists.

Surprisingly enough, the Chinese (who looked positively dastardly at the start of this movie) turn out to be good guys!

Oops! Spoilers!

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