April 1941: That Uncertain Feeling

That Uncertain Feeling. Ernst Lubitsch. 1941.

There’s like… nothing here. The film spins its wheels from the start to the end, and nothing really happens.

It’s plain weird.

But it might just be my lack of concentration? I don’t know. I skipped back a few times because I just didn’t track what (if anything) was happening, and I still don’t know what this film is all about.

I blame alcohol!

I should probably watch this all over again while sober, so take the dice with a grain of salt.

Popular movies in April 1941 according to IMDB:

Poster Votes Rating Movie
sc-tt0033533.jpg 2795 7.8 The Devil and Miss Jones
sc-tt0034272.jpg 3024 7.4 That Hamilton Woman
sc-tt0033677.jpg 2577 7.3 The Great Lie
sc-tt0034116.jpg 2394 7.2 Road to Zanzibar
sc-tt0034012.jpg 4785 7.2 Penny Serenade
sc-tt0034273.jpg 542 6.9 That Night in Rio
sc-tt0034415.jpg 1900 6.9 Ziegfeld Girl
sc-tt0033853.jpg 311 6.8 Love on the Dole
sc-tt0034274.jpg 1705 6.8 That Uncertain Feeling
sc-tt0033902.jpg 818 6.6 Men of Boys Town

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