May 1941: Sunny

Sunny. Herbert Wilcox. 1941.

This is more the video quality I expected from the 50-movie DVD box set. Completely unrestored. But the sound’s kinda good.

This is based on a stage musical, so it’s chock-full with musical numbers and doesn’t have much of a plot. Which is fine by me.

Yay! Edward Everett Horton! I must have seen him in dozens of movies, I think? Or one film a dozen times?

This probably isn’t a very good movie, really, by any sensible standard, but I’m entertained.

Popular movies in May 1941 according to IMDB:

sc-tt0033467.jpg3116078.4Citizen Kane
sc-tt0034184.jpg3767.7Shining Victory
sc-tt0033852.jpg20747.5Love Crazy
sc-tt0034399.jpg17657.2A Woman’s Face
sc-tt0033754.jpg24787.1In the Navy
sc-tt0033405.jpg16217.0Blood and Sand
sc-tt0034223.jpg2156.9The Spider Returns
sc-tt0034013.jpg2206.3The People vs. Dr. Kildare
sc-tt0033397.jpg9146.3The Black Cat
sc-tt0033910.jpg3106.3Million Dollar Baby

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