Century 1975: Love and Death

Love and Death. Woody Allen. 1975.

Woody Allen is terribly controversial at the moment, but this is an incredibly funny film. Diane Keaton is perfection and the one-liners keep on coming at you. Not to mention all the physical comedy.

It does tend to lose its steam with some regularity, and the standup-derived bits don’t always work. And there are some jokes (“I have come to the conclusion that the best thing is… blonde, 12 year-old girls. Two of them, whenever possible.”) that perhaps make you go more “eh?” in the current context than it did back then.

But I had forgotten that Woody Allen could be as hilarious as he’s in this film. It’s mostly a parody of all those insufferable Russian epic novels, but he manages to sneak in a couple of pokes at Ingmar Bergman as well.

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