Century 1933: This Day and Age

This Day and Age. Cecil B. DeMille. 1933.

I thought they said that teenagers were invented in the 50s! But here we are in the 30s and we’re rebelling without any cause whatsoever.

Is this really from the 30s? Is imdb lying to me?

Well, Wikipedia agrees with imdb, so let’s go with it…

Anyway, this is from my favourite period of American movies: Like 32 to like er 52? I need to refine that time period. I can basically watch anything from that time period and not be bored, not matter how wretched.

But this has everything I love: A kooky plot, roller-skating, witty repartee… and gangsters.

That said, this isn’t very good. I would never have guessed that this was a Cecil B. DeMille film (except for the scenes that features apparently thousands of students: More extras than reasonable). There are brilliant scenes, but it all gets bogged down.

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