BTXVIII 1955: Dreams

Dreams (Kvinnodröm). Ingmar Bergman. 1955. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐★.

After the success of A Lesson in Love, you’d think that making the follow-up (with basically the same cast and crew) would be easy enough. But it just doesn’t have the same sparkle.

While it isn’t as effortlessly brilliant as the previous movie, it does demonstrate that Bergman the director has found his own language. Gone are the obvious swipes from Italian neorealist cinema and the Hitchcock scenes: It’s all Bergman all the time now.

The actors are wonderful as usual, but the Eva Dahlbeck character’s storyline seems kinda incomprehensible because it’s impossible to understand why she’s obsessing over a man that seems completely unremarkable.

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