FF1989: Teaser and the Blacksmith

Teaser and the Blacksmith by Timothy H. Glass.

This is a very strange comic book by a New Zealander called Timothy H. Glass. I don’t know whether that’s his real name: I could well understand it if whoever created this would want to do so under a pseudonym.

It seems to genuinely be from Australia or New Zealand, though, based on the sometimes barely comprehensible patter. It’s about the god Pan taking possession of that boy’s penis (it can sing and it’s pretty large), and I think owning this comic book may well be illegal in most jurisdictions. (I hope buying this book for this article series didn’t land me in any registries.)

But here’s a non-illegal page. I think it’s the only time I’ve seen adding arrows between panels make reading even more confusing that it normally would be, since the progression the arrows give is the one you would otherwise have read it, anyway.

It’s a pretty confused and confusing book. The artwork has a certain Howard Cruse-like charm, but the story-lines in the book are just… weird. And not in a good way.

To conclude: Ermn?

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