2d cloud

2d cloud is a publisher from Minneapolis who’s been publishing a lot of interesting comics and comics-adjacent stuff the past few years.

Their financing strategy seems to be to do pre-sales via Kickstarter for each “collection”. Nothing much is being… kickstartered… but you send them some money and they send you all these neat comics back. It’s a thing.

Here’s the contents of the latest package I received from them, which I think is the confusingly titled “Winter Collection”:

All the books are of differing sizes, and they’re all wrapped individually.

It’s like Xmas unwrapping all of these.

Except that every unwrapping reveals something you really want to have.

Like the wonderfully giddy Summer Carnival by Jake Terrell…

… and the sexy Sec by Sarah Ferrick…

… the multitudes of Andrew Burkholder…

… and the… whatever this is… by Austen English.

I particularly enjoyed The Necrophilic Landscape by Tracy Auch, but all the books are really rather spiffy.

The Mirror Mirror anthology is even more on the fringes of “comics” than the other books, or perhaps they’re all more central. For instance, I loved the reading experience of the Caroline Hennessy piece excerpted aboved: It’s like turning the page makes the image flip over to the other page, sort of. It’s something else.

Anyway, 2d cloud has a new collection out, the even more confusedly named “Spring Collection”. (Fashion is so confusing.) And it hasn’t reached its funding goals yet, so if any of this seems the slightest bit interesting, please sign up and make this happen.

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