G.B.F.. Darren Stein. 2013. ★★★★★☆

I think that concludes the “quirky high school” series within CM&C: Heathers, Jawbreaker, Mean Girls, G.B.F.. And this movie is the funniest one! I laughed a lot. It also kinda illustrates how much smoother lower-budget movies look now compared to 1988. Digital cameras in 2013 look good, and movies can use real music now (and not the “one guy with a synth” thing from the 80s (I guess licensing is saner now or something)).

Anyway. It’s hilaire. Totes feroshballs.

Champagne Cocktail: 😃

CM&C:LXXIII Out of Rosenheim

Out of Rosenheim. Percy Adlon. 1987. ★★★★★☆

This is such a lovely movie.  I loved it when I saw it 20 years ago, and I loved it even more this time.

Percy Adlon is a pretty unique director.  I tried shopping for his early movies earlier this year, and they’re all basically just available in Germany.  In German.  This DVD had one subtitle (in German) and two audio tracks: in German and in … wait for it… “Bavarisch-amerikanisch”.  The latter was mostly in English, so it was no problem.

I do know some German, but following a movie in German is beyond me. I watched Zuckerbaby (fantastic) in February, and I had a German-speaking friend do the translations.  But why on Earth wouldn’t you just slap English subtitles on all DVDs you release?  I mean, there’s a world out there, Germany!  Geez!!!

Frosty Lemon Martini: 😃