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A while back, I bought a couple of very small TVs, and I was going to put them somewhere permanentish… and now, after procrastinating for just two months, I’m gonna actually do it.

It wasn’t all procrastinating — the TVs are powered via USB-C, so I wanted a USB-A to dual USB-C cable, and er not all stores have that, funnily enough. But here’s one, and I had to wait for it to arrive.

I wanted to put the TVs on a shelf in the hall, because there’s conveniently a cupboard with some computerey equipment right next to it… and there’s already one hole in that wall (for loudspeakers), so making another one is fine, right?

A USB-A plug is kinda big, though… that’s the biggest drill I have. Hm!

Well, I do have one that’s bigger and doubles as a magic stick, but it’s for concrete and stuff and not for drywall and wood, which is what this wall is, so that’s out.

Holey wall, Batman!

But then I cleverly detected that a USB-C plug is smaller than a USB-A plug, and I shoved them in from the other side. Genius!

See? Makes total sense!


And nighttime.

Result! Now I can watch Jeanne Dielman, 23, quai du commerce, 1080 Bruxelles any time I want to.

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