OTB#53: Eraserhead

I watched this a few years ago. I was thinking about rewatching it for this blog series, but I should probably wait a bit more before rewatching it? So I’m not.

Anyway, it’s an amazing movie, so the odd thing here is that it hasn’t featured on the Sight & Sound directors’ list before. But the 2022 list has a number of more experimental films than the 2012 list, so I guess it makes sense in that context.

These are the directors that voted for it. And… Gaspar Noé and Frank Oz? Yes, I can see how both those directors would enjoy it. But now I’m wondering how Oz’s list looks like.

Hm… I guess Eraserhead is an outlier here, but perhaps it’s the puppy action that made him put it on the list?

Eraserhead. David Lynch. 1977.

This blog post is part of the Officially The Best 2022 series.

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