Eclipse 1943: 生きてゐる孫六

This looks extremely unrestored, even as these movies go. It’s got these weird artefact-looking shadows that almost look VHS-like, but surely that can’t be the case here.


Kinoshita’s previous movie was really enjoyable, even if it devolved into a very patriotic movie towards the end. This looks shoddily made (even if it has more horses than I thought existed in Japan in total), and is a straight-up propaganda movie? So I can understand why nobody would want to pay for a restoration, but… is it worth watching at all?

It’s pretty tough sledding so far, but perhaps it’ll pick up…

Well, the cinematography is pretty good…

I ditched this half way through, because it’s … not good.

The Living Magoroku. Keisuke Kinoshita. 1943.

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