Eclipse 1968: 帰って来たヨッパライ

Wow. Ôshima’s gone all late nouvelle vague? This starts off like a Godard movie from 1968…

But more Japanese, I guess.

I think this movie is about Japanese racism? Towards Koreans? But it’s … very odd.

And it’s also about Vietnam.

So… now it’s the entire movie all over again? Or… did this DVD skip?

No, this is different. So it’s the same movie all over again, but differently?

So it’s indeed very Nouvelle, but I’m not sure this actually works at all? There’s scenes that are quite interesting, but it all feels… kinda… undigested?

Oh, these Eclipse DVDs come with short essays inside the front cover… this one basically just recaps the plot (I hate that so much), but it’s got some interesting stuff nevertheless.

I love that quote.

I mean, I think this a really interesting movie, and I’m glad I’m watching it, but I don’t think it quite works? It’s very close to being a Godard movie, but … not.

The funny bits are quite amusing.


Three Resurrected Drunkards. Nagisa Ôshima. 1968.

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