PX17: Whatsa paintoonist?

Whatsa paintoonist? by Jerry Moriarty (261x335mm)

The Jack Survives strips were absolutely amazing — strong graphics and moving, mysterious pages. I didn’t know quite to expect from this book — but absolutely not this: Moriarty is drawing from his childhood again: This time around he paints himself in, but as a girl.

So we basically get his (narrative) paintings paired with a dialogue between him and himself.

It evolves slowly, from being quite goofy at the start…

… to becoming very moving. And I love those colours, man.

It’s all about his mother, his father, his sister and his cat: Now all dead.

What!? The School of Visual Arts fired him?


He does not sell his art and he does not navigate the world of fine art very adroitly, which may be to his credit. He is not only marginalized, but may be self-marginalizing, which may also be to his credit. He has taught at the School of Visual Arts from 1963, but was “fired” in 2012, being told that the school: “has no need for a class that involves drawing without using photo references.”

*sniff* (That’s his mother, father, sister and his cat welcoming him.)

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