That Range, Tho

I thought I’d move to the balcony for some comics reading, so I wanted to set up a bluetooth speaker there, and so I opened up the bt panel on my laptop:

And on and on and on.

There’s about 60 devices in the list, and most of them are called “Tier” and “lime”, so finding my little speaker was er interesting, especially since the interface dynamically added and removed things with blazing speed, making it … interesting to actually click on a line.

I did it! Look! It’s playing music. See?

The “Tier” and “lime” devices have to be these electric scooters that are everywhere here?

I just have to say that I’m really impressed with the bluetooth range on these things. I usually count myself lucky if my bluetooth devices have a two meter range, and those things are like twenty meters away.

Very impressive! Keep up the good work!

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