Well, that didn’t take that long? Hm… Oh, I started this stretch on 2021-05-27, so it’s a month and a half? But at least the number of bugs actually decreased this cycle:

Yes, you guessed it — it’s time for another one of these posts about Emacs bugs where I’m totally boasting while pretending that I’m not.

Oops! Gave the subtext away!

So I started late May, and there were 2985 open bugs in the Emacs bug tracker, so 10% of that is 298 (if I can trust the Emacs Calculator), and:


So we’re down to 2821 open bugs now, which… er… is a reduction, but not that … impressive. I had really planned on getting this stretch done sooner, but my left hand got a bit ouchey for a couple of weeks in there, so I’ve take it easy, and not argued with anybody. Much!

I don’t know whether it’s because this is my fabulous working posture:

Yes, I’m pretty much flat on the couch… Or whether it’s the Phizer — my arm didn’t hurt a lot after being jabbed, but a couple days later, I got this shooting pain in my left hand, that then kinda subsided over a couple of weeks…

So I kept my typing to a minimum for a while.

But all better now? I’d hate to have to actually get better posture. *shiver* We’ll see.

On an even more positive side: Many of the bugs closed in this batch were things that I got to actually do some programming on, instead of just poking other people to do stuff. Programming is fun; code review is… er… it’s work? I mean, it’s fun getting new functionality into Emacs (and getting old bugs fixed), but programming is just funner.

I know, very controversial point of view.

OK, time to start the next 10% stretch, which should be 282 bugs, then. Onwards and downwards.

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  1. This is very cool. I think I might start doing this too. Also what Thinkpad model is that? Am I really seeing a 4:3 panel??

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