Building the Development Version of Emacs on FreeBSD

Today in our series “How To Build Emacs For Fun And No Profit Whatsoever“, we’ve reached FreeBSD.

Building Emacs here is very straightforward. First, as root, install the compilation dependencies like this:

pkg update -f
pkg install -y gcc git jansson autoconf gmake texinfo
pkg install -y `pkg search -dx emacs-devel | egrep -v "^[A-Z]|emacs-"`

Then, as a non-root user, do:

git clone
cd emacs
gmake -j4

There! Almost as easy as on Debian!

You’re now ready to help fix Emacs bugs on FreeBSD I mean use Emacs:

2 thoughts on “Building the Development Version of Emacs on FreeBSD”

  1. Hi Lars,

    We maintain an emacs-devel package that gets updated twice a month, so if a build from a specific commit isn’t required then this is sufficient:

    pkg install emacs-devel

    Otherwise, in your recipe above when you do

    pkg install -y `pkg search -dx emacs-26.3 | egrep -v “[A-Z]|emacs-“`

    you could replace emacs-26.3 (now emacs-27.1) with emacs-devel. Also, I think you are missing a ‘^’ before ‘[A-Z]’.

    We can get lonely when no one notices us, so thanks for giving FreeBSD some needed attention. 🙂


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