OTB#48: Rear Window

Rear Window. Alfred Hitchcock. 1954. ⚅

I saw this movie just the other year (I think… on a plane?), but now I’ve got it in 2K, so I’m rewatching it.

The movie is kinda perfect, but this 2K transfer isn’t. Or perhaps it was just this soft on the celluloid (or er whatever the young whippersnappers were using in the 50s): Every single shot looks like it’s just a bit out of focus.

But otherwise, it’s still a perfect movie. You’ve seen it: It’s a movie about watching things, and nothing could be more apt.

I love everything about this movie, but particularly the way the nurse becomes a part of it all. She’s perfect.

Hm… did I do this leftover cocktail before? Cunningham tastes kinda familiar…

… and not particularly good. But it’s OK.

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