End of an Ear

Hey, I forgot to mention that last week was my final day at the job I’d been at for… 22? years, but I’ve now assembled a souvenir from the library I put together while I was there:

So I’m no longer a bankster, and I have to figure out what I’m going to do when I grow up.

But first holiday for a year or so? Sounds like a plan. I’m exhausted already just thinking about it; it used to be that I could go to the office to relax, but now everything is suddenly super-busy all day every day.

Yeah yeah humblemoan humblemoan.

3 thoughts on “End of an Ear”

  1. I suppose
    “This site can’t be reached
    norma.netfonds.no refused to connect.”
    has nothing todo with you leaving the banking sector?

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