Eclipse to Pacific

Last summer, I did a little separate blog on Eclipse Comics, and nine months after I wrote the last blog article “proper” for the blog, I finally got the documents about the
Toren Smith vs. Eclipse Enterprises court case.

So now that that blog is over for reals, I thought it might be fun to write a bit about a comics company often mentioned whenever somebody mentions Eclipse: Pacific Comics.

It’ll be a much shorter series of blog articles, and I’m aiming at one article every other day, but we’ll see.

The first introductory article should be up now, unless I messed something up…

4 thoughts on “Eclipse to Pacific”

  1. Wow! I was hoping that you would do this after your so very thorough and enlightening blog series on Eclipse.
    Please fix the typo in the Totally Pacific intro:
    > When Pacific went bankrupt in 1984, Pacific took over their entire line…
    R.I.P. — Pacific Comics 1981-1984; Eclipse Comics 1977-1993.

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