December 1945: Doll Face

I knew they had short ties back in the 40s, but…

This is a B movie from that box set where all the other B movies I’ve been watching. And as usual, it’s set in a vaudeville theatre, so that the movie makers can just film a bunch of stage actors and then pretend that there’s a plot between the bits.

This has a more substantial scripts than most of these movies….

It’s not a particularly inspiring movie. I can’t even work up enough enthusiasm to dis this thing.

It’s just meh.

Doll Face. Lewis Seiler. 1945.

Popular movies in December 1945 according to IMDB:

103787.9Scarlet Street
82237.7Leave Her to Heaven
5117.5The Red Dragon
56827.4The Bells of St. Mary’s
27657.3A Walk in the Sun
60317.3They Were Expendable
2166.6Pink String and Sealing Wax
3926.5The Stork Club
19176.4Caesar and Cleopatra

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