February 1944: Passage to Marseille

Claude Rains! Bogart! This is no B movie.

I found this to be a frustrating watch. It’s a sort of mid-war fantasy about war. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it’s so… stiff? Perhaps it’s because everything looks like it’s filmed on a sound stage? Even the outdoors bits?

This is definitely not Casablanca II, although it tries hard. Ideologically, it paints a rather large number of French people as horrible people, while the framing of it is telling us that France is great. It’s kinda weird.

Great bluray transfer, though.

Passage to Marseille. Michael Curtiz. 1944.

Popular movies in February 1944 according to IMDB:

17707.6The Sullivans
3117.4Le ciel est à vous
72217.4The Uninvited
4507.3On Approval
4737.2Million Dollar Kid
14207.2It Happened Tomorrow
3507.1None Shall Escape
11886.9Charlie Chan in the Secret Service
29336.9Passage to Marseille
6886.8The Purple Heart

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