August 1943: Hi Diddle Diddle

This is a B movie, I guess? Cheap and cheerful. It’s got a convoluted and silly plot that putters away in a very pleasing manner. Much intrigue and running around.

It’s not exactly a cinematic masterpiece, but it’s really funny. It’s just an almost-perfect bundle of silliness, and everything works out like it’s supposed to.

The newlyweds even get some private time at the end due to a helpful maid.

Hi Diddle Diddle. Andrew L. Stone. 1943.

Popular movies in August 1943 according to IMDB:

Poster Votes Rating Movie
7558 7.5 Heaven Can Wait
2894 7.5 Watch on the Rhine
470 7.3 Holy Matrimony
279 6.9 Hi Diddle Diddle
3965 6.9 The Seventh Victim
692 6.8 The Man in Grey
958 6.7 The Fallen Sparrow
870 6.6 Destroyer
738 6.6 A Lady Takes a Chance
4651 6.5 Phantom of the Opera

This blog post is part of the Decade series.

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