August 1943: Hi Diddle Diddle

This is a B movie, I guess? Cheap and cheerful. It’s got a convoluted and silly plot that putters away in a very pleasing manner. Much intrigue and running around.

It’s not exactly a cinematic masterpiece, but it’s really funny. It’s just an almost-perfect bundle of silliness, and everything works out like it’s supposed to.

The newlyweds even get some private time at the end due to a helpful maid.

Hi Diddle Diddle. Andrew L. Stone. 1943.

Popular movies in August 1943 according to IMDB:

75587.5Heaven Can Wait
28947.5Watch on the Rhine
4707.3Holy Matrimony
2796.9Hi Diddle Diddle
39656.9The Seventh Victim
6926.8The Man in Grey
9586.7The Fallen Sparrow
7386.6A Lady Takes a Chance
46516.5Phantom of the Opera

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