Century 1978: Interiors

Interiors. Woody Allen. 1978.

Oh, right, this is Woody Allen’s first Bergman rip-off. I mean, his first drama film.

I honestly thought this was going to be better. And the cinematography is totes amazeballs: The subdued colour scheme and the unshowy angles. It’s so calm and understated.

But I feel that basically all the actors except Geraldine Page fail. She’s flawless as her character, while all the other actors flail around doing American 70s Realist Acting, which is just a step above American 80s TV Acting. While they’re good actors, it just doesn’t work in this Bermanish setting. They just work a smidgen too hard on their emoting, especially when talking.

Perhaps I’m being too negative here. It does get better after the first third or so is over. Or perhaps I’m just getting used to that style of acting again.

“It’s been such a long time since I made love to a woman I didn’t feel inferior to. Or am I being tactless?”

This blog post is part of the Century series.

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