Century 1939: The Flying Deuces

The Flying Deuces. A. Edward Sutherland. 1939.

Hey! That’s a gap of several years since the previous film! I thought I had more 30s DVDs… And I sort of have, but they’re all part of various box sets, so I’m skipping them for this blog series, which is All Single DVDs All The Time.

This may be the first Laurel & Hardy feature film I’ve ever seen. I’ve just seen some shorts as a child… I think we had one on Super 8? I may be imagining things.

So this isn’t anything like I thought it would be. I thought it would just be Laurel and Hardy bumping their heads into things for an hour straight. But there’s like a kind of plot in between the antics and stuff.

I wouldn’t say that it’s a good film… It’s not Marx Brothers. But it’s pretty amusing.

This blog post is part of the Century series.

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