Bustin’ Out

So I was watching the newish Ghostbusters (the one from 2016) on 4K Bluray (it’s a pretty funny film; a couple of the scenes had me in stitches, but it’s got pacing problems, and too many of the jokes didn’t land), and it looks like this:

I mean, it’s just a normal very-wide-screen film (2.4:1, apparently), so it’s on the TV letterboxed with these kinda wide black margins at the top and bottom, as you can see…

Nothing abnormal here… And then!


I was shocked, I tells ya. Shocked!

It’s a fun effect, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before? So the entire Bluray was mastered in, er, 16:10 with wide black areas at the top and bottom instead of having a narrower video stream, which I think is the norm? Just to be able to do those effects?

It’s cool.

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