4AD Bootleg Tapes

During the 90s, I was involved with a lot of tape swapping related to the British record company 4AD. These tapes have since languished in a box in the basement, but this autumn I went on a I Must Tidy Things! jag and carried the box up to the apt. and digitised all the tapes.

Most of the tapes were rarities (tracks from limited edition 7″ records and stuff like that), and all that stuff is available already for anybody interested. But there was also a small stack of live bootleg recordings that nobody seems to have bothered to upload to Youtube yet, so I did it.

Enjoy. Most of these are pretty horribly-sounding recordings from the middle of the audience, so you get a lot of “whoo hoo” and not so much music, but I think some of these are pretty exciting anyway. Especially the Throwing Muses live at Anaconda tape, which is just so raw-sounding and intense. Wish I were there.

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  1. Hi, remember me? I am Stein, from Lødingen, who moved to Trondheim in 1989. I remember vaguely contributing to some of the tapes that were sent as a tape chain between people active on the 4AD-L but I did not keep copies of those. Did you, and have you digitized them? I could not find them in my first quick look at your page. If you can see my email please contact me, it would be fun to catch up on what has happened inbetween the 23 years since we last met.

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