The Best Albums of 2016

Once again, Emacs has tallied up what albums I’ve listened to most this year, and must therefore be the best music released in 2016.

Grumbling Fur Preternaturals
Dani Siciliano Dani Siciliano
Anohni Hopelessness
Babyfather Meditation
PJ Harvey The Hope Six Demolition Project
Copeland & Gast Sisters of Control
DJ Nigga Fox Noite e dia
Lolina Live In Paris
Lush Blind
Antonymes (For Now We See) Through A Glass Dimly
Matana Roberts Coin Coin Chapter Three: River Run Thee
Róisin Murphy Take Her Up to Monto
The Body No One Deserves Happiness
Telebossa Garagen Aurora
Twinkle3 with Sidsel Endresen Debris in Lower Earth Orbit

And what’s the best older music I bought this year? Emacs knows that, too!

Black Cab Games of the XXI Olympiad
Holly Herndon Platform
Grimes & d’Eon Darkbloom
Jlin Dark Energy
Grimes Geidi Primes
Hookworms Hookworms
Karin Krog Don’t Just Sing
Don Cherry, Nana Vasconcelos, Collin Walcott Codona (1)
The Young Mothers A Mother’s Work Is Never Done
A New Line (Related) Fucking Succour

It was a rather good year for music. Otherwise… Worst year ever.

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