FF1991: Cultural Jet Lag

Cultural Jet Lag #1 by Tom Robert and Jim Siergey.

Cultural Jet Lag was apparently a weekly strip, and this might be a collection of some of those strips. However, the format varies wildly, and some of the longer stories don’t really seem like weekly strips, so perhaps it’s a mixture of reprints and new stuff?

I’d answer “nope”.

The main mode here is mashing up a literary piece with pop culture references. Your mileage may vary depending on how familiar you are with the works being referenced.

There’s also a sizeable number of strips that take quotations from people and build a storyline from those quotations, like this one with Dorothy Parker and Oscar Durant.

The art varies quite a bit from piece to piece. Jim Siergey is proficient at aping various styles.

And then there’s general silliness.

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