The Best Albums of 2015

This list has been scientifically created by making Emacs list what albums I listened most frequently to this year.  You can’t argue with facts, so you’ll just have to admit that this is the best music released this year.

Róisin MurphyHairless Toys
Baby DeeI Am A Stick
Dat PoliticsNo Void
LolinaRelaxin’ with Lolina
SplitThe Ex & Selvhenter
Arthur RussellCorn
Jamie XXIn Colour
Joanna NewsomDivers
Sun Kil MoonUniversal Themes
Tracey ThornSongs from The Falling
ActressBird Matrix
Barbara MorgensternBeide

However, if you look at the list of the albums I listened the most to this year, no matter when they were released…

I’m so old.

Talking HeadsRemain In Light
Kate BushThe Dreaming
Laura JeanLaura Jean
BorisNoise (2)
BorisThe Thing Which Solomon Overlooked (chronicle) (4)
Kate BushThe Kick Inside
Róisin MurphyHairless Toys
The CureFaith (1)
The CurePornography (1)
The CureSeventeen Seconds (1)
Baby DeeI Am A Stick
Dat PoliticsNo Void
Kate BushLionheart
Kate BushNever For Ever

Geez.  Well, I haven’t really bought that many albums this year.  Couple hundred?  It’s way down from earlier years.  It’s mainly because I’ve been focussing on watching films and reading comics.

You know.  The really other two really important things in life.

In other data driven news: seems to be dropping about half my scrobbles now?  Is that a thing?  After the redesign, is pretty useless, so I guess they’ll be shutting down any second now…

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