Jolla, Keyboards and Apps

I’ve been using this Nokia E7 for years and years and years.
Because it has a physical keyboard. I despise on-screen keyboards, but nobody’s making a modern phone with a physical keyboard. But this year, somebody created a keyboard for the Jolla phone.
I’ve been testing various apps on various phones the last few weeks, and this is my main testing phone at work — a Samsung Android thing.
I’m also using an Iphone 5S for testing purposes…
This is the Jolla phone with the keyboard attached.
Yes. It’s about the same thickness as three of the Samsung phones.
But it does run Android apps. Here it’s running the CSID app that I’ve put on Aptoide for easier installation.
Unfortunately, the keyboard doesn’t really work that well. It drops about a fifth of all the keystrokes, which means that it’s about as bad as an on-screen keyboard.
So elegant.

Oh, well. The search continues. Meanwhile I’ll just have to keep using my non-smart phone.

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  1. Yes, the frustration of not having a real keyboard! I have an N900 and used an E7 as well. I miss both of them. My solution is to tether my Pandora to a Nexus 4… 🙂

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