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I was rooting through the Cupboard Of Mysterious Odds’n’Ends a month back, and I found a major stash of pre-Euro money.  It must have been in there for years and IMG_0342years.  I vaguely remember thinking that I should, perhaps, bring it with me to an airport sometime to put into those “spare change” charity things, but I forgot, of course.

I thought the notes were worthless by now, but I binged about a bit, and it turns out that they’re not really.  There are several businesses that exchange them still.  Nothing in Norway, but lots in the UK.  I selected Leftover Currency, because nothing says “trustworthy bankers” more than green text on a black background.  I put the money into an envelope with instructions to deposit the money into my Paypal account, and sent it off to the UK.

Putting cash into an envelope felt very old skool.  If it’s lost, it’s lost.  On the other hand, I didn’t know that I had the money, anyway, so if it’s lost, it’s lost.

But behold!

DSC00982Money!  For me!  Haha!!!

I’m guessing the rates they’re giving me leaves them a healthy profit margin, but that’s fine.

(This has not been a paid advertisment.  Or has it?  I mean, they gave me money, and now I’m flogging their URL.  Hm…)

2 thoughts on “Make Free Money Now”

  1. I didn’t know such places existed. Cool.
    If you find more Canadian dollars, I’m sure I could hand them in to a Canadian bank, and I’d give you the going rate. (Currently C$100 = US$88.)

  2. And the same with Australian notes.
    I could change them for you.
    It would be an honor to help you !
    ( I used gnus for years, but have since backslid into evil ways )

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