Bookvember Redux

A month ago, I was watching too many movies, so I decided to read too many books instead: At least one per day.

So short books, then.

The blogging camera setup
Sorted by language
By genre
By gender
Translated or not

So there you go.  Normally, I’d be reading sf, sf, sf, sf, literature, sf, sf, sf, sf.  But I don’t really have a lot of unread shorter sf (because I tend to read those immediately after I buy them), so this turned out to be more hoity toity than planned.

There were some clunkers, but not a lot.  I’m a firm believer in abandoning books the second they start to bore me.  There’s an infinite number of books out there, and there’s no point in wasting time on stuff that’s awful.  But I only abandoned two books out of all these, and that’s less than normal.

And now I’m never going to read another book in my life!  Rawk!

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