Small Change

After innumerable requests (when counting, it’s “zero, one, innumerable”, right?), here’s my new DVD storage setup.

I got an allegedly 7W AMD computer from CompuLab, recklessly disregarding any current boycott of wares from the occupied country of Palestine.

I got the bareback, I mean, barebones (funny how WordPress only thinks the latter word is misspelled) version of the machine, so I had to root out an SSD from the Closet of Mystery.


I found this old Kingston thing that I probably used in an old machine some years ago.  It’s not a good SSD (I think it’s barely faster than one of them there old-fashioned spinning disks, hee-yaw), but this machine is just going to serve out films, so it shouldn’t really matter…

The Israeli Machine. So small.
Lots of ports on the back. I can identify… er… Probably a DisplayPort thing? And then two eSATA ports. And then HDMI and ethernet. Two USB ports with a micro-RS232 port on top (I had to bing that), an audio port, two USB3 ports (which is what I was loiking for), and an SPDIF port
That’s really out of focus. But it’s got room for some SO-DIMM goodness…
Fortunately everybody at the office buys Macs, and fortunately they always run out of RAM, so we’ve got a big case of discarded SO-DIMM strips
The smallest ones were 2GB, so I put a couple of them into the machine
And then I slid the SSD into the machine

I tried to measure the wattage on the machine, but the only wattagometer (it’s really called that) didn’t see to actually register that I switched it on, so I’m going to assume that it’s not pulling a lot of power.

So the CPU is one of those new-fangled low-powered and wimpy AMD CPUs
SilverStone cabinet and the computer in the closet. Together.


The SilverStone USB3 cabinet is called “SST-TS231U”.  And it seems totally unproblematic. It just works.  I’m running it in JBOD mode, and I’m not getting any of the errors I was getting with the Icy Box enclosure.

It does have a very loud fan, though, which I’m just going to disconnect.  If the disks die the heat death, they die the heat death.

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