I’ve been watching too many movies lately (14 last weekend), but I want a break.  What better way than reading a whole bunch of books?

Unseen DVDs and Blu-Ray disks

I’m aiming for one book a day.  Since I, like, have to work, I probably have about five hours, effectively, every day to read.  So anything longer than 200 pages is iffy.  Fortunately I have oodles of short-ish unread books.

Shorter books have a tendency to be denser than longer books, so I’m not really sure how realistic this project is.  And I have to take days off when I go to live shows.

Unread books

“Booktober” was unfortunately already taken by somebody else, so I’m going with “Bookvember”.  But it’s still happening in October.

It makes sense.


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