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Anything that’s wireless doesn’t work.

But there’s degrees of not-working-ness.  I’ve had wireless keyboards that drops one in every five keystrokes even though the receiver is only a meter away, and I have keyboards that drop only one in twenty keystrokes over a range of ten meters.

Cisco wireless router. Fie! Ick!

But the most problematic wireless gear is wifi.  I had a Netgear Access Point, then a … er, I forget, and then a Cisco one, and they all sucked.  I mean, really.  None of them could give reliable networking over ten meters through a couple of walls.  I ended up with the Cisco two meters away, and I still lost teh webs sometimes.

And then I got this Asus RT-AC68U thing.

The Asus RT-AC68U wifi AP, hiding in a cupboard at the farthest reach of the apartment

By Emacs!  What a difference!

I’ve had it for a month now, and my laptop hasn’t lost connection once!  And the throughput! And latency! It’s unimaginable!  It’s almost like having a wired connection from twenty years ago!  It’s fantastic!

I can even sit on the balcony and work!  I should use more sunblock!  It’s really hot in Oslo this week!

The Eyefi card I’ve got in my camera still can’t get any connection unless it’s less than a meter from the access point.  That kinda sucks.

But a huge numbers of thumbs up for the Asus RT-AC68U. It’s the best wireless router in the history of wireless routers.

(This advertisement has not been paid for.  Actual router functionality hasn’t been tested; I’m just running it in bridge mode as an access point.  May not be applicable to your region.)

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