CM&C:XLIII Pacific Rim

Cap’n! The movie canna take any more cliches!

But here’s the kick-ass sciencey action woman.

And the two nerdy science geeks.

The dog.

The grizzled older hero.

The manic technobabble.

The sciencey bickering.

Oh, well.

Could there be romance?

What does the stern commander think about it all?

You guess.


Weird science.

Grunt grunt.

Finally!  After four hours of on-base drama, we get some more fighting.

A bleeding nose is always the best way to tell that somebody strained their brain.

Pacific Rim. Guillermo del Toro. 2013. ★☆☆☆☆☆

It’s amazing the technology Hollywood has access to today. This movie is apparently the first time they’ve used the new machinery that’s able to extract cliches from all previous action sci fi movies and distill them into a script. All “dialogue” and “plot” elements were generated by this program, using the lowest common denominator filter. It’s rather awe-inspiring.

(After bitching about this movie on irc, it was suggested that I had misunderstood the concept.  del Toro wanted to create a Saturday morning cartoon-ish movie, and the cliches are what you might expect to find there.  I guess I see the point, and if so, this movie doesn’t merit my “awful” rating.  It’s merely “bad”.  It certainly isn’t a good Saturday morning cartoon.)

Scottish Guard: 😃

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