Random Comics

I usually do comics blog posts by reading comics intensely for a day, and type a bit about each comic as I’ve read them. But I also randomly read a bunch of comics on other days, too, and now I’m just gonna type a bit about the ones I’ve read over the last week… if I remember anything about them, that is.

I read this Subitzky book over a couple of weeks…

It’s very amusing, but best read in short bursts, I think.

My favourite piece here is actually this text piece — it’s wonderfully faux naive.

New York Review Comics books tend towards being designed rather sloppily, but this one is wonderful. I mean, I would have preferred, perhaps, a hardcover or something, but within the limitations of this format, designer and editor Mark Newgarden has done a wonderful job — it just has a kinda perfect flow. That is, we get an amusing interview interspersed with the comics, and it works perfectly — it gives the book a rhythm. I mean, Newgarden is a genius, so I shouldn’t be surprised, but I was.

And this is a Finnish anthology.

It’s good stuff.

Lots of different stuff. I do wish they’d swap the English/Finnish — the comics themselves are in Finnish, but with the English translation at the bottom of the pages. It makes for somewhat awkward reading.

I’m still trying to buy all the issues of World War 3 Illustrated.

This one is about kids, mostly. Many (most?) of the pieces are done by teenagers, too.

But many of the standbys are here, too.

I loved this one, by Max Eastwood (age 12).

I don’t buy that many super-hero comics, but somebody on the Twitters were discussing how awesome this was…

… and… it’s not. Sorry.

By making super-hero comics all serious and stuff, they just get more risible. But the artwork by Frank Quietly is pleasantly loopy, though.

There was a sale on Ric Hochet collections, and I foolishly bought them all. It’s taken me three years to get through the stack, but I think I’m getting towards the end now… just like five more collections to go, so I should be done by 2035.

This one collects stuff from the early 90s, and the plots are so convoluted that it’s obvious that they’ve run out of any ideas even resembling making sense.

But I still find the pleasantly up-tight artwork enjoyable.

This is kinda like an alternative WWII thing?

It’s OK.

This one collects Crepax’ The Story of O. adaptations…

… and I can’t really show you any of the other pages here, because it’s wall-to-wall sado-masochistic porn.

Crepax’s artwork is amazing. So inhuman.

I bought the final couple volumes of this that I had missed…

… and this is a good one: Edited by Jillian Tamaki.

It has more art comics than I would have expected.

And stuff I’ve never heard of before.

I had read about two thirds of the pieces before, but there was stuff like this, which made me place an order on bookshop.org.

And that’s it. Random enough for ya?

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