New Version of Concerts in Oslo Pushed to the App Stores

I started doing the Concerts in Oslo web site in… 2013? Hey, I forgot the ten year anniversary… Anyway, the idea behind the thing is that there are no comprehensive and handy sites to see all the concerts in a city, really — I mean, these days, sites like Songkick cover a lot, but not everything, and they tend to miss the stuff I’m particularly interested in, which is, you know, interesting music.

I just checked, and Songkick lists about a quarter of tomorrow’s concerts here… Whenever I go to a different city I just find myself wishing for something like CSID there.

Oh yeah, I wrote about all that here.

But the other day, I was waiting for a show to start, and I actually went through all the various menus in the CSID app. And you wouldn’t think there’d be that much stuff in a thing like this, but look:

There’s stuff for sharing events, and calendars…

… and all this… stuff. Which is every so useful, like this map:



And there’s a dark mode that I added a few years back, but in a kinda half-assed way. Like, all the venue logos have transparent backgrounds, so you’d expect them to work fine on a dark background, too. But many of them taper off towards white instead of transparent — and the logos themselves are sometimes totally black. As a combined example, we have this beaut:

So thought I should do something about that, too, and I tried adding various CSS backgrounds, and I contemplated manually fixing these logos (and backed away in horror), and finally I just scripted something in ImageMagick:

There! Good enough! Sure, there’s now twice as many images needed, but whatever.

Anyway, to no great surprise on my part, I found that many of these features had stopped working since I last tested them (which is normal, because both IOS and Android keep on updating), but for once, I wrote down all the various glitches I could observe… and then I fixed them! Yes! I know! It cannot be!

So now I’ve pushed the updates to the web site, and also to Google Play and Apple App Store.


(Heh. I just tried searching for “concerts in oslo” in both app stores. It popped up straight away in the Apple store, and not at all in the Google store. Because Google is so good at searching, I guess? But if you search for “CSID”, it pops up.)

But since this is a blog post, some kvetching is required: I had, of course, forgotten all about how to build a Cordova app since the last time I did it, and I spent a few hours just shouting at Gradle, Java and the world in general.

Then, after getting the Android build to work, it was time to get the Apple build working. Updating the OS on the laptop, and then Xcode, and then the internals in Xcode (can’t do everything automatically, I guess — Apple probably doesn’t have enough programmers employed to do something as difficult as that) only took 80 minutes this time! That’s a lot faster than last time!

And then just a few hours to update Macports (seriously, look at these upgrade instructions — aren’t they the most insane things you’ve ever seen?) and npm and…

And then I said cordova emulate ios and I expected nothing to work, but it did? I was amazed. But of course, cordova build ios didn’t work, but failed with a super duper long error message including stuff like “Xcode couldn’t find any ios app development provisioning profiles”. I googled and googled, and all those threads ended with “and then things magically started working on its own”.

But I know how it started working for me! It also mentioned something way further up about “login details for account rejected”. Which made me wonder how Cordova was trying to log in. And then I thought “surely it’s using Xcode somehow… is Xcode logged in somehow?” And then I opened Xcode, went to Settings->Account, and there was my developer account, and it said that it was logged out. I logged in, and… Everything worked!

There. You’re welcome, Google searcher from the future. (It’ll probably be me in 2027, when I do the next build.)

… and now I’m literally convinced that Duolingo is wiretapping me, because in between typing all this, I did some Duo and got this:

The prosecution rests!

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