Movie Ratings “R” Us

I was vegetating on Xitter the other week, and I happened upon this tweet:

Which turns out to be a thing — there’s dozens of similar tweets over the years:

First of all, I think it’s amusing to call watching movies a “hobby”. But also the idea that if you don’t like all the movies you watch, you should stop watching movies? These people either only watch movies they are sure they’re going to like (i.e., they’re boring) or they like everything they watch (i.e., they have no taste).

But it made me think about my own movie viewing habits… which I started a blog for back in 2019, because I could never remember what I thought of movies. So it’d be nice to have a log of what movies I watch. On the web.

Here are the results:

That’s 725 films in total in five years, which isn’t too bad. (In addition to a few hundred from projects like Netflix 2019 on this blog, but I don’t have unified, easily accessible data from those posts.)

OK, perhaps it would be more useful to present a chart…

Hey, that’s more positive than I had expected — just a handful of ☐ ratings, and 30 ⚀ ratings. But I guess it’s pretty evenly divided between “good” and “bad”. I have a tendency to buy movies somewhat at random, and since movies (like everything else) tend to be bad, I expected more bad movies. But I guess I’m more careful when buying films than I thought.

On the other hand:

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