No Gnus T-Shirt Lottery Done

The shirts are all packed! And on time! Sort of!

My methodology here was M-x gnus-summary-sort-by-random (nice that somebody had added that), and then I went down from the top. If somebody had made a request that I couldn’t fill (for instance, if I was out of XL when I got down to them), I skipped them and went to the next one.

There were 29 contestants, and only 8 shirts, so most of you didn’t get a shirt. Sorry! And I guess you’ll find out if you got a shirt if it shows up in your mailbox during the next few weeks… (Or perhaps you can make a guess based on the extremely censored screenshot above.)

Oh, and I also had one copy of the Twenty Years of Septembe. I re-sorted and packed it up for the first matching entry, so one of you’re getting a shirt, but not a Gnus shirt.

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