Can you spot the date I said “I’m done”?

Anyhoo… the reason I checked was because I was cleaning up my closet, which I’m told you have to do five times a century, whether it needs it or not.

I got about er 11? of these refuse sacs (a lot of yellowed white t-shirts, and why did I have 20 bed sets? dating back to the 80s, and some bleached-out black t-shirts, and some disgusting old pillows).

Look! Now I can squeeze in more stuff. But the reason I was reminded of the Emacs thing was that I happened upon these shirts:

I’d forgotten that I had some overflow No Gnus t-shirts — and as you can see, some of them are kinda dusty and/or sun bleached (there should be no sun in closets, but there is in mine, and these have been lying around for more than a decade). (Never worn! How dare you even ask!)

So, I’ve got four XL and four L shirts (in various colours)…

… and one Twenty Years of September t-shirt (I was supposed to do a Thirty Years last autumn, but I er didn’t; perhaps I’ll do them this spring).

So if you want one (primarily if you’re a Gnus user, I guess), send me an email (at with your snail-mail address, and I’ll do a lottery in about a week, and then send you a shirt if you win. (Free postage, too.) Remember to state your size, and whether you have any colour preference.

4 thoughts on “Can you spot the date I said “I’m done”?”

  1. Hey Lars, did you ever keep a list of the most difficult bugs that you gave up fixing? I was thinking it’d be useful to have a sort of ongoing community brainstorm on each of those.

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